Friday, February 3, 2017


According to a November 2016 article on Canadian Political site

“Canadians are inviting people in the United States Pacific coastal states of California, Oregon and Washington, where United State President-Elect (now President) Donald Trump lost heavily to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, to secede from the US and join Canada.”

A journalist from Kamloops, British Columbia, Chad Harris tweeted “Dear California, Oregon, Washington I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada,”

Alex Middleton of Calgary, Alberta echoed the sentiment saying “California, Oregon, Washington, I, for one, will accept you with open arms into the liberal bosom of Canada.”

It was also suggested within the article that Hawaii, another western blue state, and birthplace of Former President Barack Obama, should be invited to join Canada, as well.

Dave Lewis, from the traditional liberal stronghold of San Francisco, suggested by Facebook

“Hey Canada, I have a proposal for you, I say we take Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii, combine them with Canada and make one amazing country.

Lots of new coastline. Who’s in?”

Patrick Heffernan of San Diego, posted: “Dear Mr. Trump, I’ve figured it out, End the deficit by selling Washington, Oregon and California to Canada we don’t mind.”

For a bit of background: Canada, was originally two British colonies just like the original 13 colonies that would become the U.S. The two were united in 1841 as the Province of Canada, a Crown Colony.  In 1867, it became a Confederation adopting the name “The Dominion of Canada.” The last province to join Canada were Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949.

Their decision to join Canada is relevant here and had many factors but I’ll sum it up for you. After the near annihilation of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont-Hamel during WWI
and the major financial collapse of the great depression: rioting and Government mismanagement led to the then self-governing Dominion of  Newfoundland dissolving its own government in 1934 in favor of direct rule from a British Crown Commission.

At the conclusion of commission rule which was also unpopular, the Crown heavily favored Newfoundland joining Canada which they did by a slim margin of just 3,500 votes. Anecdotally there were some parties that
even explored joining the United States as well in 1948. According to “A Newfoundland Gallup Poll, the Washington grapevine says, could well show a major sentiment among Newfoundlanders for joining the United States.”

Given the present budgetary crisis and violent demonstrations looming over California, the Kitzhaber scandal that rocked Oregon in 2015, and  Washington’s ongoing defiance of the Trump administration the climate could be ripe for the three
most liberal states of the union to look favorably on the much more ideologically matched Trudeau-Liberal Government in Ottawa.

Are the citizens of the U.S. West Coast really ready to trade up what some view as an imperialist President for an actual monarchy, though? Oh yeah, there’s that…

Canada, for all of its liberal-socialist policies, is in fact, today: a constitutional monarchy. Will Sacramento, Salem, and Olympia lower the Stars and Stripes for the Maple Leaf and l'Unifolié, add French to every sign, and swear undying loyalty and allegiance to Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, and Defender of the Faith?

How would the Occupy protestors respond to a Lieutenant Governor-General in each capital representing the interests of Her Majesty and the parliamentary system taking over in favor of our present federalist-republic form of government?

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