Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Open Letter to America: Some personal thoughts on Unity as it relates to current issues.

By HollowNet Contributor, Steve Robinson
(Warning: Expletive Language, Reader discretion is advised)

A lot of our problems today stem from the lack of critical thinking and from reacting on emotions.

These kids (Antifa) hate fascists and racism and that's a good thing. We all should hate that kind of shit, but they are going after the wrong people and using nazi tactics to fight who they think are nazi's. 

The measuring stick they use to determine who is a fascist has nothing to do with fascism and everything to do with different political opinions. Fascists seek to shut down freedom of speech and different ideas through force. Who then is using violence to shut down free speech? Who is using violence to shut down anything they don't agree with?

If they want to know where the real fascists are than all they need to do is figure out who is at the top of their organization. That's who everyone should be going after! they have been so indoctrinated into a thick web of lies and false narratives that they are beyond being pulled back by truth and reason. 

The idea that violence is the answer to not getting your way or is how to deal with anyone that disagrees with you is nothing new, but it is a juvenile and ignorant way to deal with life. It's an emotional response to an intellectual debate.

Acting juvenile and ignorant is not exclusive to the left. We all see in fighting and division on the right on a daily basis. Most of us wear our feelings on our sleeves and lash out at anyone that disagrees with us. Some of us take it as far as using the lefts tactics of labeling as an attack, i.e. you are (racist, homophobic, transphobic, white supremacist/nationalist) and so on. 

What does this accomplish? Are we fixing anything and helping our cause at all by pointing fingers? Yes there are people with ignorant views on race and sex and religion. There are people like that in ALL groups and cultures. There always has been and there probably always will. We can't fix ignorance through violence or verbal attacks. Ask anyone that used to be racist about what brought them out of thinking that way and their answer will have something to do with love and knowledge. Not force. 

Ignorant people always show their true colors eventually and when they do it is time for those that love them to help them. Show them love and teach them that there is a different way to live. 

We need to stop beating each other up with large paint brushes dipped in hypocrisy. It is ok to have different ideas. It is ok to be wrong sometimes. It is ok to not know the answer to everything. It is also ok to be a little more forgiving and understanding and most of all loving.That's not to say that you can't point out when someone is wrong, but it's how you go about doing it that makes all the difference. It also helps when everyone is not waiting for something to be offended about. The first amendment does not protect your feelings.

While I'm at it here, Not all of us are guilty of this but one of the things I think we are lacking, If we are so concerned about making America great again, is class and decency. The patriotic movement across America has agreed that PC and censorship is not American and only goes against everything we are fighting for, but does that mean there is no room in the patriot movement for decency and respect?

My grandfather was a great man with class and decency who served and fought for our freedom and liberty. He could cuss with the best of them on the construction site but would never unleash his verbal artistry in front of his parents or anywhere that it was not appropriate. Can't we disagree and discuss without stooping to such vulgar tirades? You don't have to suppress your 1st amendment right in order to be respectful to others. 

No, we can not all agree on everything and all expect to think the same way about everything, but we can set aside our differences and come together on what we do have in common. Do we all not love this land? Do we not want less violence and more peace? Do we not want less government and more freedom? There are so many things that almost all of us can agree on.  

Believe it or not, we all have a common enemy. Yes you, me, them and us, we are all being played by global elites that seek to divide us to the point of breaking what little that still holds this country together. 

And what's worse, we are all falling for it and ALL being pulled closer to the point of no return. 

I will at all times be ready to defend myself and those around me from anyone that try's to deprive anyone of life or liberty. But keep in mind. As misguided and angry as these kids are. Even if they don't like it. They are Americans too. I hope we can all find a different way to settle our differences and I hope it's not too late for peaceful and respectful debate.

If we can't find a way to stop all of this, than I am afraid we will all end up united... in failure and loss.

About the author:
Steve Robinson is Vice President of the Arizona Sons of Liberty Riders, a founding member of the United Liberty Coalition and was one of the main organizers of the 2017 Unity Rally at the AZ state capitol. 
"I feel that it is more important than ever for Americans to come together and stop being enemies over any differences we have. Different political ideas are something to be discussed and even argued in an intelligent and respectful manner. Disagreements are not supposed to be reason to lash out in violence and force others to agree with you or to expect others cower down and roll over because your feelings are hurt or you don’t get your way. That’s not how it works!”

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  1. Excellent thought process. I couldn't agree with you more. I often find myself compelled to punch people in the throat, but that's after it becomes clear that any intelligent conversation is a lost cause. I'm not saying I'm right in feeling that way but ignorance can be infuriating sometimes. But class & respect I will give until it is not returned. There in lies my struggle.