Monday, June 12, 2017

Only a Non-Violent Patriot Movement Can Prevent Civil War

On mainstream media sources and throughout social media you’ll see the same violent tale play out again and again. Typically the story is of Antifa, #BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQ & “Feminist” Groups vs. Stickmen, Proud Boys, Trump Supporters, and rarely, actual White Supremacists.

I deliver this message to both sides, to all groups, and individuals: We must avoid becoming useful idiots. 

Speech is a potent weapon in today’s world. The camera-phone can be mighty. When reporting on rallies and demonstrations across the country, the mainstream media loves to stoke the flames by consistently showing the worst in people. Social media highlights only the negative incidents as well since those attract the most views, clicks, and reactions.

To counter this tendency we must strive to become… less entertaining.

Proud? Yes.

Patriotic? Certainly.

A sense of calm should pervade our marches and our demonstrations so our message isn't lost or overshadowed by negative behavior that only distracts people from our message.
Discourse has been a part of our country since its inception. Exchanging and accepting the existence and validity of contrary points of view are imperative to our success.  However, when this disagreement becomes marred by emotion, tainted by hatred, that’s when we start to dehumanize those who disagree with us. That’s when we hear slogans like “bash the fasc” or “bopping Antifa punks.” It’s crucial that we take a step back and realize the ramifications of meeting violence with violence.  Ironically, the history many seek to erase is the best possible teacher here.

On April 12, 1861, our federal government made the fateful decision to meet the artillery bombardment and subsequent capture of Fort Sumpter in South Carolina with equivalent military force. Whether that decision was right or wrong is a discussion for another day. What followed was a four-year long war of devastation the likes of which America hadn’t seen in nearly a century. The death toll was staggering-- approximately 620K killed by the war, nearly 2% of the total population of 31.4 million.

In economic terms, the cost was also catastrophic at approximately $191.5 Trillion inflation adjusted from 1879 to 2016 dollars. These metrics applied to our current population and economy (which is a very conservative measure given the advances in military technology and conventional weapon damage & lethality), would put casualties at approximately 6.5 Million people and damages in excess of $843 Trillion.

Maybe you think this is all hyperbole and that a Second American Civil War is unlikely. Let’s check the literature on this one from a broad spectrum of sources:
  • According to’s Keith Mines, the odds are about 60% of a new Civil War breaking out.
  • Even seems to think the scenario is highly likely adding 6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying to their acclaimed catalog of List articles.
  • In February, TheNation’s Richard Kreitner interviewed historian, David Armitage, describing his book: Civil Wars: A History in Ideas as a “handbook for our times.”

The only way to hold back the leviathan and prevent this impending disaster is to restore the concepts of loyal opposition, peaceful disagreement, and honorable debate based on facts, not feelings. Only a Non-Violent Patriot Movement Can Prevent another American Civil War.

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