Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Creepy Joe Biden"-Former VP Calls America "an Embarrassment"

This is a transcripted excerpt of Matt's commentary on The #HollowNet Podcast. To listen to the whole hour click HERE.

Munich, Germany- Joe Biden has disparaged America as an embarrassment while speaking in Europe. Gonna go to picture-in-picture for that real fast Oh where's my picture a picture? There it is. Alright, Joe Biden disparaging America as an embarrassment while speaking in Europe first: before we even jump into this story coming to us from The Blaze; I think America disparages Joe Biden as an embarrassment! You know creepy Uncle Joe... hands on shoulders... Ya know? Let me see if I could pull that up creepy Joe Biden, creepy Joe Biden... because the memes are strong, the memes are very strong here and creepy Joe Biden right there! Creepy Joe Biden in all of his his glorious creepiness. Oh, that's YouTube, yeah no, we don't do YouTube that can get real ugly real quick. You have some examples of creepy Joe Biden you know? Leaning in way too close.... creepy Joe Biden, now this is just a generic Google search I make no guarantees or warranties of how accurate those photos are or how realistic they are but yeah, creepy Joe Biden. So former Vice President Joe Biden who is reportedly mulling a run at the White House described the United States as an embarrassment while speaking in Germany on Saturday the exact quote was

“the America I see values basic human decency not snatching children from their parents that are turning their back our back on refugees at our border Americans no that's not right”
Biden said the Washington Examiner reporting: 
"the American people understand plainly that this makes us an embarrassment the  
American people know overwhelmingly that it's not right that it's not who we are"
The Blaze story continued: "Although Biden did not criticize Trump by name maintaining a long-standing unspoken policy of refraining from criticizing the sitting president while on foreign soil Biden spoke as a citizen and said that 'America lacks leadership'"

 He's playing that one close because saying that America lacks leadership comes right up to that line of insulting a sitting president on foreign soil doesn't it? But again I reiterate I think that creepy Joe is much more of an embarrassment to the American people than the American people should be to creepy Joe. Please, please run for office! Please run for President! That will be one of the most entertaining possible 2020 campaigns ever. Joe will get wrecked! Joe will get wrecked! Mark my words you heard it here first.

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