Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ten #4thOfJuly Tweets from Our Allies You'll Love!

It's that dreaded #TwitterDiplomacy in action again! As we approach the #SaluteToAmerica this #IndependenceDay let's take a look at some of the most awesome Birthday Tweets to America from our Allies!

10. Canada: Our dear brothers and sisters to the frozen north, who celebrated Canada day just three days ago on July 1st. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee as always with love from your family to the south.

9. Italy: The historic home of the Roman Republic after which our government is partly modeled and home of the Vatican the seat of the Catholic faith, Italy's contributions to our American heritage are far greater than cuisine and mafia flicks.

8. France: Lafayette! We have returned! Our oldest allies indeed all the way back to the Marquis de Lafayette's aid to American troops during the revolution and the timely arrival of the French fleet at the battle of Yorktown which made American independence possible! Repaid in WWI & WWII with the blood of American patriots, despite our political differences we can never forget the French.

7.  Japan: Following the end of WWII you'll find few people in the world as staunchly pro-American as the Japanese, like Germany this love and respect grew from the admiration of a worthy foe.

6. Germany: We've had our differences over the years (WWI, WWII Anybody?!?! Hello!) but Germany's respect for America both as a friend and an honored adversary runs deep, all the way back to Prussian General Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben who taught our heroic but inexperienced revolutionary militias how to drill & fight like a truly disciplined army writing the "Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States". Yes, he literally wrote the book.

5. Ukraine: Dating back to the fall of the Soviet Union and even long before as the "White Russians" fighting against the communists in the Russian Civil War, a long, deep history of friendship and respect exists between the American and Ukranian people. Let's hope it's remembered and acted upon soon, and that the Ukranian-Donetsk conflict comes to a peaceful end.

4. Poland: I'm not crying you're crying! The Polish have been huge fans of America since before our founding with General Tadeusz KoĹ›ciuszko who taught Continental Soldiers how to perform combat engineering from 1765-1794!

3. Ireland: Simple and classy, just what we'd expect from our family on the emerald isle.

2. United Kingdom of Great Britain: The only way this could improve is with a monacle falling out!
The UK Embassy followed up by tweeting "We joke, but we love you really America! We’ll take an ale or hot tea to help you celebrate! Have a great #IndependenceDay!"

1. Israel: Borrowing a bit from the Facebook Friend-aversary videos! Check out this tweet from Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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