Monday, July 15, 2019

Were President #Trump's Tweets to #AOC, #RashidaTalib & #IlhanOmar Racist? No. Kinda Dumb Though...

The best analysis of President #Trump's so-called "racist" tweet to #AOC, #IlhanOmar, #AyannaPressley & #RashidaTalib has so far been Michael Brown's from  Worth a read.  Brown points out:

 "In Trump’s perception, Omar and her political colleagues are biting the hand that feeds them, showing ungratefulness rather than appreciation and criticism rather than gratitude.
In Trump’s mind, these women are quick to condemn “the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth.” Then, they turn around and push radical, socialist solutions to our national problems."
This is accurate. Full.Stop.
My take: Racist? No, I don't think so. If it were, he wouldn't say to “Then come back here once you help fix these other countries.” as Brown rightly points out. Inaccurate? Partly. (Two of the Reps are US born)
 Final point: This was strategically unwise. The President's message was lost in the poor delivery and this only provided fuel for the pyre the DNC is building at Trump's feet. #Fail, but anyone approaching this critically can see what he was trying to do... H/T Townhall

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