Saturday, December 28, 2019

What the hell's going on in Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu?

Excerpt from The #HollowNet- 2019, Year 3 of the #Trumpian Age. #DonImus, #IndianCountry & #Netanyahu

What the hell's going on in Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu? I went into it a little bit but I didn't have a lot of time that they can't seem to form a government in Israel because Benjamin Netanyahu also under investigation for abuse of power to the point that they had to run yet another primary and they're now going up for third vote from The Associated Press in Jerusalem:

”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shored up his base with a landslide primary victory announced early Friday he'll need a big national election win in March if he hopes to stay in office and gain immunity from prosecution on corruption charges he handily defeated Gideon Sar a former aide and cabinet minister in the Likud Party primary held Thursday winning 72% of his party's vote.”

So he's still under investigation again from a hostile government he was indicted last month on charges of bribery fraud breach of trust and you know they're talking about how “his best hope to escape prosecution” as if he's guilty! I mean come on AP come on guys. Yeah, you know Benjamin Gantz, Benny Gantz is Opposition in the blue and white party said

“It appears that the defendant Netanyahu is who is leading the State of Israel down a path of corruption will continue to lead Likud. Blue and White must achieve a decisive outcome that will extricate us from the political deadlock and path of corruption.”

 Huh, I'm going to go ahead make a prediction right here: Netanyahu wins and smashes it again. Why? Because Benjamin Netanyahu is a solid Statesman. I said it back in 16’. I think when he was elected last, that our presidents, hell even President Trump could take notes from Benjamin Netanyahu on statesmanship.

This is what is at risk if we lose our constitutional style and our constitutional government here in the United States: the fourth election they're going into now in Israel because of the increasing divide between the left and the right in that westernized nation just like you have in England right now. Just like you having the UK the deadlock that has finally been resolved by the massive smashing victory of the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson, who can now get Brexit underway and get Brexit done.

That is the decisive victory that we need to see here in the United States in November when the second term of the Trumpian age dawns. But here's the question: In the UK we saw protests with Boris Johnson's re-election. Netanyahu had to be evacuated from a building under a bomb threat quickly - they had to extricate him. They had to get him out of there fast from a party event because people were out to kill him. When, not if. When President Trump is reelected: What will we see here? Just protests? More wailing, screaming and gnashing of teeth? Or a full-on insurgent left? It remains to be seen.

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