Monday, May 18, 2020

Epic Trolling: Trump Campaign Site Shows Confused Biden As Error Message

Did You Know? That if you go to, President Trump's official campaign website and add a forward slash and random characters to the URL that the site's 404 Error (click to try it) displays a visibly confused and/or disoriented Former VP Joe Biden with the text: "It appears you are as lost as me."

President Trump has been a controversial figure, with many on the right stridently supporting him and generating vehement loathing on the left. But history will assuredly remember that political trolling reached it's highest expression in the years of President Donald J. Trump.

Lest we forget:
The Trump-copter

The Trump-Navy:

Not to mention as The Guardian reported back in March that President Trump seems to revel in holding competing rallies to almost every major Democratic campaign event, even the Super Tuesday election which he met with a "packed sports arena in Charlotte, North Carolina".

“We like to troll,” the president told a packed sports arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, where polls show a tight contest between Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg.
Determined not to be upstaged, Trump has made a habit of staging rallies on the eve of Democratic caucuses and primaries. The events, with freewheeling speeches and a host of surrogates, create the impression he is already fighting a general election while Democrats fight internally. It is a strategy that appears to be paying off.
 By all appearances, the #COVID-19 scare has hardly hampered the President's unquenchable thirst for the salty tears of his opponents and their supporters. The trolling and salt-mining will no doubt continue unabated through the 2020 Election and likely beyond it.

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