Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Jim Jordan Strikes Back – After Pelosi Calls Trump & GOP “Enemies of the state”

 Nancy Pelosi has led the charge to distort the way America votes through Universal Mail-In Voting for months. 

Now in response to their opposition, the Speaker has labeled President Trump and the GOP as “enemies of the state”.

Congressman Jim Jordan was having none of it though, and his clap-back revealed the Democrats’ true motives.

“They want that chaos, they want the confusion because they know the president of the United States is going to win on Election Day, but, they want to keep counting just like they did in New Jersey four weeks after their primary election,” Jordan said.

Congressman Jordan continued “Imagine if it takes six weeks to figure out who won one congressional primary. Now they’re talking about live ballots being mailed out to everyone and then counting ballots,” 

President Trump, Congressman Jordan and Republicans in Congress all know, as Jordan said: Americans want a “fair and secure election.”. In other words, an election conducted in the time-honored method of getting out to the polls, and fair election where the result is swift, certain, and accurate.

Speaker Pelosi’s attacks against President Trump and the Republican party have become more frantic and unhinged as the election looms nearer.

In an interview on MSNBC the Eighty-year-old Pelosi accused President Trump of “scaring” potential voters away. (By telling them to go vote?) and even alluded to the long-debunked Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy.


With tensions between the left and right at levels unheard of since the Civil War, Speaker Pelosi’s rhetoric is dangerous to say the least. 

Consider the 2017 charity baseball practice shooting that left Congressman Steve Scalise fighting for his life. Scalise summarized the danger nicely:

“Enemies of the state and all of this -- that’s the hypercharged language that led a gunman trying to kill every Republican on the ballfield. Why don’t we talk about issues? They don’t want to talk about issues,” 

Scalise hammered the point home, “there is no place for that hypercharged language that Pelosi uses.”.

Why not indeed talk about the issues? Why not talk about the grim prospect of a mail order election? 

Scalise was quick to give an example of what the Democrats in Congress have repeatedly told us “never happens”

“In Louisiana, we sent an election commissioner to jail for voter fraud. This idea that it doesn’t happen. If you mail millions of ballots to people who aren’t even legally on the rolls and that’s what would happen.”

But why tackle the issues? It’s so much easier to call your opponents traitors. 

Source: Fox News

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