Sunday, March 7, 2021

Militia Threats To Congress Now? Seriously?!?!? What Are They Hiding?


 On this week's #HollowNet, Matt talks about the completely Bullsh*t "threats" to the Capitol that are keeping our troops deployed there indefinitely, and what Congress is hiding: Attacks on the 1st Amendment (House hearings with Big Tech), 2nd Amendment (HR 127), Election Rights (HR1) and the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief bill that is only about 42% COVID related... But yeah... tell us again how the militia are going up against 5,200 troops please. 

Plus we look at the crisis in Myanmar and Hong Kong the media have kept you blind to, and the frightening similarities in rhetoric from the Chinese locking up Hong Kong's pro-democracy leaders and Congressional Dems going after the GOP.

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