Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tech CEO Indirectly Calls for Discrimination Against Trump Supporters

Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative and LinkedIn Influencer indirectly called for management teams to discriminate against Trump supporters in a blog post published on his LinkedIn page today.
This is incredibly dangerous advice, not to mention completely hypocritical. The CEO said the following:

   "If you aren’t publicly standing up to the. Trump administration as a CEO right now, your team is talking about it behind your back. They are going home ashamed of you and the organization."

He then continued:
 "3.) Pledge Support for Employees. Be very clear with your teams that you will dedicate organizational resources to defend their liberties and constitutional rights. Let them know who to call within the organization if they or their families are in need of legal or other support."
Does Hurst support the liberties and rights of his employees who voted for and support President Trump? If not, then he should stop what he's doing right now before his company Imperative gets sued for political discrimination in the workplace. The CEO continued:
"Be clear with your customers and employees that you would rather lose them than fail to stand up for democracy and American values. You might lose a few people but you will gain 100 times more in the loyalty and respect of those that remain."
I'm no lawyer, but Imperative had better check with theirs. This reaffirms my previous point that Hurst is deliberately creating a hostile work environment for Trump-supporting employees, those of whose stance constitute the same stance of a large segment of the population. Hurst's proposal is McCarthyism redressed with a liberal veneer. Furthermore, it is precisely through the exercise of the democratic voting process of our Federalist Republic that President Trump was elected.
"(A) healthy fear of management coercing employees to align with their beliefs this wisdom does not apply right now in America."
This is a very healthy fear actually. Conservative employees are already significantly pressured if they are unionized to present a false face that aligns with liberal talking points. If companies encourage their management teams to take this offensively discriminatory route, then their ethics are deeply questionable.
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This post was updated 2/1/17 for clarity.

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