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Date: March 1, 2017
DNC Chair appeals to UN for recognition calling Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win a “Plebiscite” and President Trump’s Electoral College victory “Illegitimate” 

Washington, D.C. - It has been only one month since Republicans engaged the U.S. Senate’s “Nuclear Option” in order to usher in the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. The repercussions of that decision were felt today after House and Senate Democrats entered their respective chambers and stood for the quorum call. The Democrats, only to rise moments after the calls completion, left the capitol via the West Steps, the very same steps upon which President Trump was inaugurated on January 20th.
Stunned journalists spotted a long procession of vehicles leaving the Capitol shortly after, where Democrats they headed to the Philadelphia Convention Center, the same site of the tumultuous Democratic National Convention in 2016. At the center Senator Schumer and Representative Pelosi addressed the assembled press, flanked by fellow Senators and Congressmen.
Senator Schumer addressed reporters, “Last month, Republicans under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell altered the rules of the Senate to force through the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch, heedless to and in spite of the numerous and valid concerns of your Democratic Senators and Representatives. This was a deliberate act against the American people and against the traditions of the Senate, as Republican leaders refused to grant a hearing to President Obama’s previous, legal nomination of Judge Merrick Garland.”
Representative Pelosi added, “This unilateral action by Senate Republicans is an affront to our Democracy, just as the inauguration of President Donald Trump despite an overwhelming popular vote win for Former Secretary Clinton was an affront. Just as President Trump’s immigration restrictions and racist comments were an affront to the American people. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have made it clear that they have no willingness to govern jointly or respect in any form the voices and will of Democrats across the nation.”
 “As a result of these actions we," said Schumer, "as your Senators and Representatives in Congress, are forced to establish an Alternative Government to the present illegitimate one in power. We have reached out to the United Nations and our allies and requested recognition by the General Assembly as the rightful Government of the United States of America by the plebiscite vote conducted in last November’s election and we have further requested that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of New York and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia take their rightful place as President and Vice President of the United States. Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine are presently secured in an undisclosed location pending the outcome of the United Nation’s deliberations.”
The White House is expected to hold a press conference within the hour in response to this developing story.

Does the above “what if?” scenario seem terrifically unlikely to you? Or are you slowly nodding to yourself saying something to the effect of “It wouldn’t surprise me" or "I could see that happening.” This is how divided we have become as a nation and it is why we need to pause, grip the mirror, and take stock. Are we uniting and protecting America or widening the already gaping maw between left and right?

This could be ripped from the headlines of March 1st just as easily as any other nightmare scenario many dreamt up during the election, because, simply put, we're not putting down our swords or our rhetoric. If anything, the vitriol and resentment bred has intensified with each passing day. With every unanswered protest, with each Executive order.
I agree with most of President Trump’s executive orders to date, but what I don’t agree with is the dismissive derision with which we are treating our fellow Americans on both sides. Liberals care nothing for conservatives’ valid reasons to support the president and, likewise, conservatives are blind and deaf to perfectly valid concerns voiced by the left. Each side has taken hyperbole to the extreme in the reckless abandonment of truth and fact because either “my side won!” or “my side lost!”

It is possible and even laudable to support your political philosophy, your party, and your president without grinding the opposition into the ground. Moreover, fervent opposition to the party in power can be respectful while still maintaining dignity and respect for the people and the offices in question.
What has happened to us? Where are the days of gentlemen and ladies debating fiercely but cordially, leaving their political differences on the floors of their respective meeting halls and shaking hands warmly and embracing after as fellow Americans?Are we so very lost? Have we forgotten so quickly after merely 152 years that the last time we were so divided as today it cost roughly 620,000 lives? The last time this nation split itself with war and strife it took four long bloody years to stitch it back together. Families were torn apart so that some were never mended. The very land itself bore the scars of the horrific battles and the graves still stand today. Roughly 2% of the population of this nation died in the Civil War according to the Civil War Trust.

Is it so difficult to imagine that sort of violence today? Only today we’re not divided on state lines, we’re divided house by house, street by street. It would be a guerilla conflict, a nation in flames. I therefore implore my fellow conservatives: be gracious and magnanimous to our liberal countrymen. And I call on liberal Americans: You have just emerged from nearly a decade of liberal government, give new solutions an opportunity, give new ideas room to succeed or fail. Give our Government a chance to work the way our founders intended with earnest, principled respectful opposition.
Everyone, take a deep breath, step back and look at each other. We are not enemies, but brothers and sisters who live and die beneath the same flag and beneath the same stars in the same skies. We are so close now - too close to shattering what over a 1.1 million of our servicemen and women have died to preserve since the Revolutionary War.

President Reagan warned us all:
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

The best way to fight for that freedom now, is to not fight each other.

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  1. You have some good things to say about this “potential” scenario’s dangers and what should be done or not done. But this sounds a lot like it is influenced a lot by Trump detractor Glenn Beck’s kind of thinking. You admit and we certainly know about how the liberals “care nothing for conservatives valid reasons to support the president”. That is putting it almost extremely mildly. But you also says that “conservatives are blind and deaf to perfectly valid concerns voiced by the left.” What are these perfectly valid concerns voiced by the left? What planet have you been on since the day after the election? I cannot even make any real sense of what many of these “concerns” are. And the ones I can are so insane they don’t deserve anything but a quick and proper explanation of common sense, the US Constitution and what a sovereign country is.

    Of course there is no reason to be gloatingly walking over or discounting anyone, but that is not being done at all. The legally placed president is just getting to work doing the things that need to be done. If things seem extreme at all that is mostly because of how one sided and strangely things have been done for the last 8 if not 28 years. We the conservatives, the republican party and good old common smart folk are the ones being attacked. And we are conducting ourselves very civilly. Ignoring the truth of this all is just adding to the problem.

    1. Thank you for the comment! The one valid concern that comes to mind quickly is that Merrick Garland was not afforded a hearing in the Senate. With you I find the most of the Liberals concerns contrary to my own political views however, on some of the procedural questions we can agree.

  2. Good. Arrest Them ALL For SEDITION (sɪˈdɪʃən) - n. def. (1.) speech or behavior directed against the peace of a state. (2.) (Law) an offense that tends to undermine the authority of a state. (3.) (Law) an incitement to public disorder. Convict them en masse and strip them of their titles & offices.
    Please note: Don't strip Nancy Pelosi. That would be too terrible to behold.

  3. Very well said. Let me say I am a Conservative but I was raised in a very staunch Democrat family. When I first voted I was a Democrat. Only took one election cycle to make me see that the Democratic Platform did not represent me or my thoughts about where this country was headed. Upon reading your post I found a few things that I disagree with. First off and I want to make myself clear it's not Conservatives out there committing rioting and beaten ing on people and it never has been. Even through the election process. Conservatives suffered through 8 very long years of Obama. Years which we watched the Democrats use our Constitution as toilet paper. Did we riot did we protest on the streets? No we did not. We fought Obama through our Representatives. Albeit with no results Hensel the 8 years.we may have and still do some of us at least feel he should be charged as a traitor.some of us may work towards getting that done. But aga I need our movement will be legally done. No ty with mob mentality. You could have done a split screen showing the UC Berkley protest and one of a protest in Iran or Iraq ect and you wouldn't have been able to distinguish which place was which one.

    Second the Obama nominee.
    It was not legal for Obama to nominate anyone. He was in the Lame Duck part of his presidency. The who Scania death was a strange situation. How it all went down. But that open seat on SCOTUS belonged to the incoming president. That's following the very rule that the Democrats demanded to put in. That was Harry Reid doing and the rest of them got it passed. Funny how it's always rules that the liberals make sure are there on the books and then when they have to apply to themselves and their party they want to change them back to the previous rule. So it's a moot point whether the Obama nominee had a hearing. If Obama did get to choose the Court would have been out of balance anyway. We need someone in that seat that is a strong Constitutional. You can not have a court tilted one way or the other. And you know my belief after watching the Democrats actions of late proves what they had in mind for the governing of our Country. Because the platform that they support is nothing resembling our Constitutional Laws. And if people would just stop and look at the platform with their blinders off they could see how the Democratic Party hasn't been About America since the JFK administration.

    Our Country is in serious trouble. You are 100% correct.

    Eight long years under Obama and an anti American agenda has brought us to the brink of a Civil War. Infact I'm surprised that the true Patriots in this country haven't acted yet. I think everyone on the Conservative side, and it isn't all Republicans, have shown great restraint. Let's hope that people will get control of themselves and stop acting like a bunch of third world terrorists. Let's hope that Trump can start to get our Country back to being the shinning Republic it once was. But I don't see Americans coming back together as one people until we can stop the influx of outside agitators. The immigration issue will be the straw that ignites the bonfire.
    So we wait to see.