Sunday, April 2, 2017

The European Union is Dying as France, Sweden Contemplate Exits

This past week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May penned a short letter to EU President Donald Tusk which triggered The United Kingdom’s Aritcle 50 exit from the supranational group. This long awaited news will suprise few, but it is merely the focal point of a larger picture which shows the EU beginning to crumble in earnest.

According to Fox News and the News Desk “SwExit” is now on the table according to Peter Lundgren of the Sweden Democrats party who referred to the UK’s Aricle 50 trigger as “a breath of fresh air” going on to describe Sweden Democrats’ outlook in the upocoming elections.

“That’s why I believe that we will be the biggest party in the next year’s election in Sweden and we will also push the demand for having a renegotiation of the trade agreements with the European Union, for the membership. And we will also put it up to a referendum where people will have their say and then I’m hopeful that we also can follow Britain’s example.”
Throw into this increasing conflaguration the upcoming Presdiential elections in France where Marine La Pen of Le Front Nationale has dominated the media attention leading up to a contentious vote on April 23rd.
La Pen who is openly hostile to the EU and globalism made headlines April 2nd by renewing what Fox News calls “Anti-Islam remarks”. Fox’s aggregated story from the AP added to the many voices that conflate the terms “Islamist Fundamentalism” used by La Pen and Glenn Beck among other notables with the religion of Islam itself. I would refer Fox to the work of Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to best learn the difference.

"The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore ... arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish," "The time has come to defeat globalists,"
Can the European Union stand with the withdrawal of the UK, France and now possibly Sweden?  It would appear that the once hopeful entity, exemplary of the peace in Europe that followed the Second World War and the Cold War may have finally succombed to the same ill that ended the League of Nations and will eventually end the UN: Progressive Elitism.

Yes, progressive elitism that told the people of Germany that they must accept middle eastern refugees or be considered bigots which they now regret, progressive elitism that told Britons they must accept “medical tourists” in the country purely to seek treatment from the NHS. And progressive elitism which has tried and failed for two decades to take hold here in the United States.

Yes, the EU is dying, the UN is doubtlessly close behind it. And it is certainly in the best interests of America and of freedom world wide… to let them.

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