Wednesday, December 20, 2017

6 Divides Could Lead Us to The 2nd American Civil War

These six simple divisions of reality between the American Left and the American Right could cause the incredible tension that has developed over the last decade to explode into an all out war for the future of The United States. It has become clearer by the day that we truly live not just in a divided nation, but in two entirely separate nations each with their very own agendas, moral codes, facts even, nay even their own versions of reality. Here are the Six Key Divides which Could lead to the Second American Civil War. It is up to us to work daily on bridging the gap, seeking understanding in order to restore sanity and make this country once again a land where disagreement in discourse is not only accepted, but appreciated.

6. The Use of Anti-Discrimination Laws to Punish
Religious and Moral Convictions.- As the Supreme Court of the United States mulls over the specifics in the case of the Masterpiece Cake shop, we must come to grips with the fact that laws intended to protect the American people from unlawful discrimination can be and appear in the past few years to have been actively used to punish people of deep moral and religious convictions regarding homosexuality. People of faith are being coerced by government action and judicial force to conform and comply with beliefs they find unacceptable and abhorrent. Decide for yourself: Is this discrimination against a gay couple? Or a couple of Christian bakers? Photo By SeanMack - EN wikipedia / SeanMack, Public Domain,

5. Suppression of “Politically Incorrect” Thought- Earlier this week, notable Youtube Provocateur RazörFist, a fellow Phoenician of libertarian leanings was promptly banned from Twitter as explained in his expletive laden vlog post following a tweet referencing metal guitarist George Lynch. As zero tolerance on social media platforms and media outlets claims figure after figure, we will quickly find our God given freedom of speech squelched in the name of political correctness and preventing offense. God f***ing Speed indeed Razör. (Note: RazörFist’s opinions are strongly worded and quite offensive to many though refreshingly libertarian in nature. Consider yourself warned.) The speech that offends is the speech we must defend to the fullest.
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4. Climate Change: True or False?- Are you on the side of “settled science” or more of a believer in challenging everything? Paul H. Jossey of very aptly wrote that “The science is settled — until it's not” The debate of whether anthropomorphic climate change is scientifically factual can be expected to rage for decades. Unfortunately the violent clashes that result from this controversy will only worsen as President Trump continues to buck the opinions of leftist academia.
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3. Secularism vs. Faith in Politics- Arguments both for and against the representation of Faith in Politics date back to the revolutionary disagreements between President George Washington and Thomas Paine.  President Washington believed that the hand of God was ever present and that America was a covenanted land while Thomas Paine held a strong distaste for all things theological and dogmatic, maintaining a simple “deism” as the Huffington Post calls it.
“Paine advocated a simple ‘Deism,’ a non-dogmatic belief in a Creator God who deserves our private worship and expects us to be decent to one another. ‘To do good is my religion,’ says Paine.”
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2. Abortion- Roe vs. Wade is alive and well although Norma McCorvey has recently passed away her legacy will live on for years to come. This argument is one of the fundamental divides between left and right, and even applies within the parties themselves as there are pro-life democrats and pro-choice republicans. Many point to the existence of abortion as a key sign of moral decay in America, others stress that the government does not have a role in legislating morality. This is easily though, one of the most if not THE most divisive topic in America. Holocausts after all have a tendency to demand action.
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1. Small vs. Large Government- Since the founding of The United States, our people and politicians have vigorously debated the size and scope that our government should possess. In the last century, it has grown at an unprecedented rate, gobbling up more and more of our GDP and more powers enumerated to the states. Jefferson once said "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield,1 and government to gain ground."2 and so it has been for 226 years. The slow march of government encroachment has gone on. In the Eyes of many it has gone on for far long enough. This massive divide encompasses entitlements, socialized medicine, social security, military expenditures, the totality of all government. This is the critical divide between Democrats and Progressives vs. Republicans and Libertarians.
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  1. I would say your six choices are not far off track. Without adding one more, you could blend numbers 2 and 6. I favour number 1 as a stand alone, am not certain about3,just yet.
    Failure to specificly have one addressed to constitutional is troubling. But thats a big topic to deal with, number goes there abit.