Saturday, August 25, 2018

In The Wake of Sen. John McCain's Tragic Passing, Here's What Gov. Ducey Should Do.

Senator John S. McCain has tragically passed away aged 81 at his Cornville, Arizona home earlier today following his lengthy, public battle with Glioblastoma,  a terrifyingly aggressive cancer of the brain.

The Senator's passing presents a first for the State of Arizona: Governor Doug Ducey must appoint a successor to fill the late Senator's vacant seat until the next full election in 2020. While mainstream media outlets like the Arizona Republic have floated the late Senator's wife as the most likely appointee followed by a selection of notable establishment politicians. I would like to present a simpler, but far more strategically beneficial alternative.

The Arizona Constitution stipulates:
"If a vacancy in the office of United States senator occurs one hundred fifty days or less before the next regular primary election date, the person who is appointed shall serve until the vacancy is filled at the second regular general election held after the vacancy occurs, and the person elected shall fill the remaining unexpired term of the vacated office."

Therefore, the August 28th Primary three days hence as of this publication and General Election in seventy-three days on November 6th will bear no influence on this appointment as the appointee will serve until the 2020 general election. My question is: What if it could?

Based upon the statute of the Arizona Constitution there is no set time frame in which Governor Ducey is required to act to fill this vacancy. So hypothetically speaking should Governor Ducey choose to wait until after the August 28th primary results are tabulated he could then set the stage for giving a truly appropriate tribute to the late Senator John McCain by indefatigably uniting his party. What I would suggest is that following this somewhat divisive senatorial primary: Governor Ducey simply choose the first runner-up to fill Senator McCain's vacancy.

Think about it:

  • Under the law as it is written the people of Arizona would not have an electoral say about this Senator until 2020. This would allow the people of Arizona at least in some fashion to actually elect the appointee.
  • Governor Ducey would undoubtedly be viewed as a "Maverick" truly honoring the McCain Legacy.
  • And finally this would allow the Republican Party to present a truly united front against Krysten Sinema in the general election.
Seems win/win to me. But then there's always nepotism... Just saying..


  1. Appoint Joe Arpaio.

  2. Ducey should not appoint the runner up of 2018 Republican primary. It's very possible that the runner up may be the very same person Senator McCain defeated in the 2016 primary. General election voters not just Republican primary voters should also be taken into account. Governor should appoint someone who will closely follow the legacy of Senator McCain. Senator McCain was comfortably re-elected in general election in 2016. The People can decide in 2020 and 2022 if they want a change in direction.

    1. I don't think that the governor is going to appoint a democrat, as you have suggested.

  3. Ducey has all but ruled out Cindy McCain, no doubt because of her prior opiod addiction. Your option presents a viable was to stop Sinema.Trish

  4. Either Ward or McSally would do well, as both are experienced, proven legislators. I think it would help unite the party if Ducey appointed McSally because it would soothe the McCain faction which has been backing Martha. And she IS a good choice. But so is Kelli Ward. Arpaio would back the president, but his age and admitted lack of legislative experience would hurt, rather than help. Not only does Cindy McCain have a history with opioids, she is too left-leaning on much of the issues for us.

  5. Joe is the best choice. No question about his loyalty and understanding of the issues. I will only vote Joe for senate. The others are flakey and rather mean and nasty. I vote Red. I vote Joe. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Arpaio would be perfect to serve until the 2020 election.