Monday, August 27, 2018

#Vox Has Reached A New Low: Declares Truth About #SouthAfricanFarmers "Irrelevant"

Vox's Jennifer Williams has brought the far-left outlet to it's most heinous ignominy yet, in lampooning President Trump's recent tweet asking Secretary of State Pompeo to "closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers" as reported by Fox's Tucker Carlson.
 Williams penned the singular phrase that could very well signal the final strangulation of any integrity in the mainstream American press.
"The president of the United States just directed the secretary of state to look into a racist conspiracy theory he saw on Fox News — a conspiracy theory that is a major talking point for white nationalists and neo-Nazis.
Whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant."
Oh, how soon we forget, following the holocaust the western world vowed "Never Forget", the Armenian genocide which preceded it and indeed gave the Third Reich the blueprint for mass murder is denied by the Turkish government to this very day.  Even more telling is the 1930's New York Times denial of the genocidal Ukrainian famine ordered by Stalin: The Holodomor. And similarly in 1994 when humanity at large stood by and did nothing as the Rwandan genocide was carried out in plain sight.

I will not weigh in on the veracity of the #SouthAfricanFarmers plight here, far more detailed work has been done by the likes of Lauren Southern in her documentary "Farmlands" among others. What I will say is this: If there is even a small chance that this catastrophe is taking place, how can we ignore it? How will we explain to our descendants, that we knew, and we did nothing, we didn't want to believe it, so we didn't even investigate.

The question is whether or not an organized genocidal wave of reprisal murders is being targeted at the Boer/Afrikaner farmers of South Africa either in conjunction or coinciding with a racially targeted pogrom the likes of which Stalin would have certainly approved. And all Vox's Jennifer Williams can say is "Whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant.". No ma'am, this could be the most relevant question of our time, whether it's actually true or not.

The fact that you don't like the people who are talking about this... now that is irrelevant.

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