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#NoPlatform Is The Opening Salvo Of The #ColdCivilWar: Here's The List of Casualties So Far

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The first front of the 2nd Civil War has already opened, the first battlefield is online. We have already begun to see the "deaths" of several online personae and several online groups. Silicon Valley powers on the left have expressed their true intent: the bloodbath of 1's and 0's has only begun. It's also worth noting that we're fools to think this is only an American phenomenon, the UK is as divided as we are and the battle rages on there as well, except in the UK the government is an active player in the conflict. Just ask Mark Meechan, Youtube's "Count Dankula"

It began quite slowly and quietly from 2011-2015 with fairly legitimate bans based on abusive language & defamation (Phil "Thunderf00t" Mason, Godless Spellchecker, Chuck Johnson.. see #gamergate). Gradually, white supremacist & alt-right users of twitter like Richard Spencer and David Duke were banned and the world largely approved on moral grounds, these seemed reasonable and right at the time. What we couldn't have known then (although some suspected) was that big social media (Facebook, Twitter & Google) were merely testing the waters. The frog was placed in the pot, back then it was warm, today it is a roiling, scalding cauldron.
As of October 2018 not only are conspiracy peddlers like Alex Jones being hit with the "ban-hammer", no. Now even prominent conservative broadcasters like CRTV's Gavin McInnes and even more disturbing his entire group of affiliated "Proud Boys" are being banned en Masse!

It remains to be seen as to whether McInnes will be able to reverse the permanent bans placed upon him on Facebook/Instagram & Twitter a la CRTV's Steven Crowder who successfully reversed a similar ban in March of 2018 through the highly successful #FreeCrowder campaign. Perhaps a #FreeGavin or #FreeTheProudBoys initiative may be in the offing? Only time will tell. Also quite quietly the Alex Jones ban was completed with the ban of all Infowars related accounts by twitter as of October 22nd and if the New York Times is to be believed, the bans are working and InfoWars, even Jones himself are beginning to suffer with NYT reporting:
"In the weeks after Facebook and YouTube barred him last month, the audience for his Infowars website and videos fell nearly by half, according to a New York Times analysis." -Hilary Swift for The New York Times
Gird yourselves friends, they're going after much larger targets now, they are emboldened by their successes and the battle-field belongs to them. They proved that this week, when in a concerted effort of web-providers and pay services, they even took down

Prominent Casualty List (chronological):
Robert Stacy McCain February 2016
Milo Yiannopoulos July 2016
Anthony Cumia 11 June 2017
Carl "Sargon of Akkad" Benjamin 14 August 2017   
Roger Stone October 2017
James Allsup December 2017
Paul Golding,  Jayda Fransen & Britain First Party 18 December 2017
Tommy Robinson 28 March 2018
Owen Benjamin 5 April 2018
Alex Jones & InfoWars 6 September 2018- 22 October 2018
Gavin McInnes & Proudboys 11 August 2018- 31 October 2018

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