Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Oof, Collins Failed To Read Voters – Voted Against Amy Coney Barrett Despite Polls Showing a Huge Jump in Support


    Do you want to get voted out? Because this is how you get voted out. Days after a 9 point jump in voter support for ACB’s confirmation Sen. Collins came out against Amy Coney Barrett. about a  failure to hear your voters.

Sure enough, Senator Collins was the lone Republican vote against Associate Justice Amy Coney-Barrett's confirmation on Monday. A move which may cost her re-election in a hotly contested race against Democrat Sara Gideon.

“It doesn’t seem like her seniority has much influence in her caucus, or that ability to bring things home for Mainers,” Gideon said.

Middle-of-the-road politics isn't strange for Maine which regularly produces more centrist Republicans, but,

“She sticks to the middle of the road. Unfortunately, the middle of the road is filled with roadkill,”said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College.

 According to the Associated Press Collins may be trying to avoid the same fate as her mentor Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, who famously decried McCarthyism at it's height  with her “Declaration of Conscience” speech in 1950. 

This is funny as McCarthy has largely been redeemed in most conservative eyes as prescient with the assertion that "Hollywood has always been red" best told by Phoenix's RazörFist, and even Steve Bannon.

Will Senator Collins suffer a similar ignominious defeat, losing a GOP seat that has rarely ACTED like a GOP seat? Will she be brushed into the dust bin of history as Donald Trump is vindicated just as McCarthy has been? We'll find out next month.

Source: APNews

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