Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Rioters Loot & Pillage In Philadelphia - Journalists are Attacked & Forced to Flee


    Following the shooting death of Walter Wallace in an armed confrontation with Philadelphia Police, rioters have taken to the streets. The looters sacked over 30 stores according to various journalists such as Elijah SchaefferJames Klüg & Jorge Ventura

 Klüg was forced to flee from a Five Below after being threatened by looters. It went worse for Elijah Schaffer who was attacked. The Daily Caller's Shelby Talcott recorded as Elijah was attacked by multiple assailants.

Schaffer later tweeted that he was headed to an urgent care facility for treatment and we wish him well. The looting continued for hours, until the Philadelphia Police Department arrived to already devastated storefronts. Too little, too late.

 This flies in the face of how Dallas Police dealt with 647 demonstrators entering a freeway bridge illegally back in July. It's yet another example of how City and State governments who are unwilling to deal with the increasing violence of the left are placing more and more innocent people and their property in danger. This has gone beyond irresponsibility or incompetency and has become willful, criminal negligence.

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