Saturday, October 31, 2020

Texas Bumpercars & #GlennGreenwald #Censored by #TheIntercept to Bury #HunterBiden Story

On this week's spooky #HALLOWEEN2020 #HollowNet, The scariest thing is the lengths the Left & the #MSM will go to in defense of #JoeBiden.From forcing #GlennGreenwald to resign from his own company, to flipping a story of Trump supporters being forced off a highway in Texas to blaming the Trump supporters! It's really more a case of bumper cars, and the Biden bus started it... (We have video, for the record noone's completely innocent they're still lying..) It's getting scary out there. Don't forget to #Vote2020 like your life depends on it, because at this rate, it actually might.

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