Thursday, January 7, 2021

On the #CapitolSiege... It was a Trap


Yesterday, I did the best I could to bring news of the Capitol Siege in Washington, DC to the #HollowNet and #MoJo50 audience. My coverage was far from perfect and was beset by technical issues compounded by my own sense of shock at what I beheld happening in real-time. The tragic death of Ashli Babbitt, truly shook me and I pray for her family.

The Trap

In the morning light, with the Congressional confirmation of the Electoral College vote complete with little objection following the emergency recess: I mourn. 

I mourn for our nation's future, I mourn for the lives lost, and I mourn for the moral high ground which was sacrificed with every officer assaulted and with every act of damage to and disrespect for the peoples' house.

Allow me to be clear: #ElectionIntegrity has failed in our nation. As citizens we no longer believe our voices matter, this has proven out in polls and in the violence of yesterday. Conservatives have been mocked, ridiculed, labeled as bigots, racists, homophobes et. al. for twenty years, by not only our political opponents but by the media and academia they hijacked long before my generation was even born. Couple this with a complicit silicon valley, building a social media ecosystem seemingly designed to inflame tensions as much as possible and it becomes clear. THEY WANTED THIS.

The Fifth Generational War

It was a Trap, it was a lure and we bit down. HARD. The reaction of a limited number of President Trump's supporters, possibly joined by disingenuous agent provocateurs egging them on, was a long cultivated one. All of the many slights and insults, affronts and assaults literal and figurative the right has endured in the last two decades have led to this. This is fifth generational warfare, the war of propaganda, and we just lost, the left was finally successful in "triggering" us.

As I wrote today for GOP NewsFeed "We are seeing the next step in the ongoing "Fifth Generation war" between the right and left, a battle of perception and propaganda the  cultural and moral war, to distort the perception of the American people and warp our worldview forever. In that ongoing conflict, yesterday was a significant setback. But we must not allow the left to control the narrative, the most potent weapon is truth."

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