Monday, February 13, 2017

The Rise of 21st Century Nationalism

It is with mounting concern that many international observers view the April Presidential election in France. However, for American conservatives the seemingly meteoric rise of Madame Marine Le Pen's National Front appears to be a welcome accompaniment to the successful Brexit vote earlier in 2016, the rise of the Tories under PM Theresa May in the UK and of course the ascension of President Donald J. Trump's populist brand of Republicanism.

Many point to interference from Moscow when seeking a point of origin for the surge of nationalism that is rising as we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century. However, I believe the answer lies deeper. And while I do fervently believe that all peoples and nations can be united, the serious counterpoint is this: Do they want to be?

With the results of the various 2016 elections I would say it is quite obvious that the forces of globalism and collectivism are on a collision course with history. What is more I believe that we as Americans are partly to blame.

The Obama administration with it's foreign policy punctuated by repeated apologies for American actions throughout our history set the stage for the United Nations' final veil to be dropped and the body revealed as the paper dragon it has always been.

The United Nations in a Cold War setting was a crucial neutral ground where the superpowers could negotiate and maneuver without losing face at home. However, in a uni-polar world dominated by American Military-Economic strength, the United States had to be front and center enforcing UN resolutions and ceasefires otherwise the illusion of UN primacy would fail. And fail it finally did, in the form of the Libyan "Lead from behind" debacle culminating in the Benghazi scandal and the Syrian "Red Line" leading to the present Syrian crisis under President Obama's watch.

So if you're looking toward Moscow for the genesis of the increase in Nationalism and Populism in governments throughout the west, turn your gaze homeward toward Washington, D.C. and New York City. 'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars. But in ourselves.'

The rise of Nationalist movements in Greece, Ukraine, France, Italy, the UK, the Philippines and here at home in the US, the slow collapse of the EU alongside ISIS' ambitions of a restored Caliphate, a hegemonic Russia, a lawless Africa, Iranian, Chinese & North Korean posturing are but by-products of a powerless UN which has crumbled without the US to enforce order. The rise of nationalist leadership into the fold to assert each nation's disparate goals and interests is only natural as nature abhors a vacuum.

The glaring point that globalist's must acknowledge is that based on polls, based upon elections and based on common street sense: this is what the world wants. The day of Woodrow Wilson's "One World Government" is over. The experiment has failed yet again and it is time for nations to control their own destinies once more.

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